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Winner: Best Feature Under 10k

Congrats to the team on the win for Best Feature Under 10K! The win at the Monkey Bread Tree Awards came with an excellent review for the film:

“The really funny thing about James Christopher’s film isn’t really it’s comedy, not to say that that’s not funny (it is incredibly funny at times) – but for me, the funniest thing really is its concept alone, and the fact that no one has really done this type of film yet. I’m jealous. Of late I’ve been trying to find a perfect horror film to make, or comedy, something really heavily genre based… and here there’s this effort, a film about a killer killing off adult stars featuring in a making-of type of documentary gone wrong. It’s gory, it’s funny, it’s a ‘Scream’ by ‘Scary Movie’ glory. It is a concept that should have already been made in a bigger scale, someone ought to have made a franchise out of this in Hollywood back in the noughties.

It’s definitely of our time though – a delicious self conscious sexy gutty romp that hangs on the tongue of its own clever delight. Its also all the things I love about indie film: inventive, creative and ludicrously personal. And by personal I really do mean that it has a personal voice — it isn’t the blockbuster with meaningless themes that everyone can relate to, it isn’t void of meaning, it somehow represents a personal point of view of what film should be, and how it should function. Major hat tips to all those involved, it’s a brave and unique venture.”